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BENCHMARK INTERNATIONAL LLC is a part of Manappat group which operates from Sultanate of Oman.

Benchmark International is a leading distributor of specialized building materials in the United Arab Emirates since 1992.  Benchmark exclusively distributes Thermal insulation products, Water-proofing products, Gypsum boards, Non Woven & Woven Geotextiles, HDPE Geomembranes, Valves, Industrial Consumables, PPE, and Specialty Products etc. Benchmark represents USA, Europe and GCC based ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturers for various construction / infrastructure related products for the last 12 years.

Our Product Offerings Include:

Products for Oil & Gas and Manufacturing

  1. MAGNAFLUX (UK) NDT Inspection Chemicals & Equipment. (
  2. RUSTOLEUM (USA) Automotive & Industrial Lubricants, METAL Coating Systems, Floor Coatings, Specialty Products.(
  3. AMBERSIL (UK) from CRC -Electrical Contact Cleaner, Gear & Wire Rope Lube, Motor Rewinding Insulation Varnish etc.(
  4. FENDALL (USA) Eye Wash Stations, HAWS (USA) Safety Showers
  5. ARALDITE Adhesives. (
  6. TOYO, CARLSTAHL, GORGE TAYLOR, LIFTING GEAR Lifting Items- Wire Ropes, Shackles, Webbing Slings, Chain Blocks.
  7. CLIMBFORCE ClimbPRO Straight Aluminum Ladders.
  8. PPE- Dotted Gloves, Welding Gloves, FORCEFLEX, KONG,IRONCLAD,IMPACT Gloves, Specialty Gloves, Safety Helmet, Ear Muff, Face Mask, Coveralls, Hand Held Gas Detectors.
  9. Industrial tools & consumables
  10. Valves, Pipes, Gaskets
  11. AFTC(Netherlands) Double Sided Tapes (
  12. VELCRO (USA)-Fastening Products (
  13. THREAD PROTECTORS for Drill Pipes– Plastic and Metal
  14. Silver Tec(UK)- Fixed Gas Detectors, Fire & Gas Monitoring Panels, Fire Alarm Panels.
  15. FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENTS – Full body Harness, Lanyard & Manyard
  16. EMERGENCY RESCUE EQUIPMENT-First Aid Kits, Spill Kits, Chemical Suits

Products For Building Construction

  1. ESSCOFOAM -Extruded Polystyrene Heat Insulation Material From GIM, Kuwait
  2. LAMA -Water proofing products , Bituminous Membranes
  3. AYHACO -Gypsum boards and Accessories
  4. NAS – Tile Glue ,Tile Grout ,Joint Fillers, Water Proofing products.
  5. FUJAIRAH ROCKWOOL FACTORY (FRF) -Rockwool and Glass wool insulation materials
  6. XTFLOR-Raised Flooring , Carpet Tiles, Vinyl Flooring, Sports and Laminated Flooring
  7. Aluminium & GI Scaffolding, Sandwich Panels, GI sheets
  8. PROLINE, MATADOR, NORTILE Metal Ceilings & Steel Profiles

Products For Infrastructure Projects

  1. EXCEED ,PRIME -Geotextiles , CHECKMATE Geogrid.
  2. HDPE Geomembranes from Huitex Taiwan
  3. PVC Geomembranes from Organix UK
  4. EPDM Membrane from Organix UK
  5. Geonet and Geocomposites from SKAPS, USA
  6. Geosynthetic Clay Liner from Kaytech South Africa
  7. Geogrid from Checkmate Geosynthetics USA
  8. RUSTOLEUM(USA) Metal, Floor Coatings, Lubricants.
  9. SILVER-TEC – Fixed Gas Detectors, Fire & Gas Monitoring Panels, Fire Alarm Panels

Products for AUTOMOTIVE DEALERSHIPS ,Workshops

  1. RUSTOLEUM (USA) Auto Care products, Automotive & Industrial Lubricants,
  2. AFTC(Netherlands) Double Sided Tapes
  3. AMBERSIL (UK) from CRC -Electrical Contact Cleaner, Gear & Wire Rope Lube, Motor Rewinding Insulation Varnish etc
  4. ARALDITE Adhesives.
  5. PPE- Dotted Gloves, Welding Gloves, IMPACT Gloves, ATG Specialty Gloves,

Products for Waste Water Management, Odor Treatment

  1. BIOWISH(USA) Active Microbial Cultures

Thermal Insulation Products:

Benchmark deals in Thermal Insulation products like Esscofoam Extruded Polystyrene Boards which are used for thermal insulation, available in varying thickness and density according to the requirement. These are manufactured by GIM, Kuwait

Water Proofing Products:

Benchmark also caters to Water Proofing products like APP and SBS modified Bitumen Membrane, Protection Boards, Primers and Emulsions which are manufactured by LAMA(UAE) and Imperbit Membrane Industries, UAE and other water proofing products



Construction Chemicals:

Benchmark deals in all construction chemicals including TILE GLUE, Bonding Agents, TILE GROUT, wall putty etc. manufactured by NAS Construction chemicals, UAE, also Build Plus Construction chemicals, UAE.

Non-Woven and Woven Geotextiles:

Benchmark is a leading supplier of all types of geotextiles with varying roll sizes and GSM according to the requirement which are manufactured by Johns Manville Germany, Alyaf KSA and Prime Geotextiles UAE and Skaps USA.


Flooring Products:


Industrial Consumable Products:-

Fire Protection Valves, Adhesives, RUSTOLEUM Lubricants Epoxy Industrial & Floor Coatings, Consumables etc.

  • GATE VALVES (Material:- Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Bronze)     (Brands:- NIBCO-USA)
  • CHECK VALVES (Material:- Ductile Iron, Bronze) (Brands:-VIKING, NIBCO-USA,KENNEDY-USA)
  • BUTTERFLY VALVES (Material:-Ductile Iron) (Brands:-NIBCO-USA)
  • BALL VALVES (Material:- Bronze) (Brands:-NIBCO-USA)
  • GLOBE VALVE (Material:-Bronze) (Brands:-NIBCO-USA)
  • STRAINER (Material:-Cast Iron) (Brands:-MUELLER-USA)
  • TEST & DRAIN VALVES (Material:-Bronze) (Brand:- AGF -USA)
  • GAUGE TEST VALVE (Material:-Bronze) (Brand:-UNITED BRASS-USA)
  • AIR RELEASE VALVE (Material:-Cast Iron) (Brand:- VAL-MATIC-USA)

Benchmark International LLC. Continually strives to service our valued clients with quality and right  products, on time and first time.

Benchmark International LLC.

P.O. Box 546, P.C. 117, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

T:  +968 2479 7717 / 7578 / 7670
F:  +968 2479 9943

M: +968 99492523

Contact Person :  Mr. Damu Murali (Manager -Sales & Marketing)

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