The Manappat name has historically been associated with nobility and royalty, outstanding academic achievement and an unstinting dedication to compassionate and charitable causes.

The Manappat Group is a platform and en ecosystem for ‘intra-prenuers’ who have come together to create and explore opportunities for business and the only purpose is to grow and prosper and create wealth for all stakeholders.

So when I established a visionary new business house that built on my success with the Teejan Group of Companies, I chose the prestigious and renowned Manappat name as a mark of respect for my ancestors and all the members of an acclaimed clan that I am proud to be the head of.

My goal is to use my business acumen and twenty five years’ experience of running highly successful operations in the Sultanate of Oman, India and the United Arab Emirates, together with the outstanding leadership team I have at my disposal, to add to the reputation of the illustrious Manappat clan by turning the Manappat Group of Companies into a pre-eminent business house in the Gulf and Indian subcontinent.

Ameer Ahamed Manappat – Chairman & Group Managing Director