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Pantaq is an experienced team of procurement specialists, help companies achieve substantial cost savings on any area of business spend.

By partnering with us and you can bypass expensive dealers and agents who tie you to costly, exclusive contracts and instead get the best products at the best prices from any country in the world.

Using our industry expertise and global reach, we identify the right supplier for any goods and services you need for your business and secure cost-effective prices. We also handle all aspects of purchasing and shipping and ensure goods are delivered when you need them: saving you time, resources and money.

We specialize in procuring high-quality goods and services for companies in the printing and publishing, construction and oil and gas industries.

Using our category expertise and global presence, we obtain the best prices for raw materials, consumables, components, spare parts and more. We also ensure that parts and equipment are supplied to the correct specifications and are delivered on time, no matter where our clients are based.


Printing and publishing

We help printers and publishers substantially lower their spend on printing supplies and equipment, consumables, printer parts and more, without compromising on quality.


We cost-effectively procure materials, equipment and supplies for both large and small scale construction projects and ensure they arrive on site on time: reducing costs and eliminating delays.

Oil and gas

We provide specialist support for oil, gas and mining companies, obtaining competitive prices for any item and arranging for quick delivery to remote locations.

SECTOR : Procurement specialists

PRODUCT : Printing and Publishing, Construction, Oil and gas.


Pantaq Ltd
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