Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd.

AIE was formed with one goal, to be a world class engineering design, development and production organization.

In order to pursue this goal AIE has brought together a highly experienced team of engineers, operational staff and expert partners whose experience spans over 50 years in the automotive, aerospace, rail and energy/power sectors.

The company was formed specifically to operate in the one of the most challenging markets and under the tightest controls, it has therefore implemented cutting edge software and systems to ensure full configuration and sees to it that control is maintained through all stages of product development.

Leveraging its team and systems, AIE can focus its experience, expertise and capability on design and engineering projects to deliver the right solution, first time, on time and within budgets.

Operating out of its dedicated headquarters at Lichfield, UK AIE manages the entire project life cycle from concept through to prototype and then onto production.

While AIE is a British company, its international partners and customers enable it to have a worldwide reach in the East and the West, across a wide spectrum of market sectors.

These market sectors include:

  • Civil Applications
  • Law Enforcement/First Responder Applications
  • Military Applications

Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE) is engaged in developing a range of compact but high power-to-weight ratio Wankel rotary engines and markets these globally for military and commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications.

AIE is also developing compact rotary engines for automobiles and marine applications.

SECTOR : Research And Development Engineering

PRODUCT : Engines for light aircraft & Automobiles


Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd
Unit 2, Ringway Industrial Estate
Eastern Avenue, Lichfield. WS13 7SF
United Kingdom
Tel: 01543 420700
Fax: 01543 420709

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